Princesses are so beautiful, we love to find time to bring out inner royalty!

Nia Noir born April 16, 2015 has been very enthusiastic about nature and princesses particularly princess Ariel, Belle and Cinderella. Her excitement with the sea lead to a unique outlook on shapes and colors. That excitement lead to a princess devine style which equated into Nia Noir. Nia’s hand picked fashions are perfect for each and every princess to ensure they find the inner princess within. Taking an interest in arts and crafts sewing became her go to hobby. Once she became intrigued with the finished product we decided to take Nia Noir to greater heights. Nia’s interest began to expand beyond fashion and transitioned into fragrances. With trial and error she finally found a fragrance that was fit for royalty. Production of Princess by Nia Noir expected to release Winter2020 Take a look into our princess collections to “find the inner princess within”.


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